1- Objectives of the privacy policy :

The purpose of this document is to allow users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) to be informed of the use of their personal data by the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE”, S.A.S. with a capital of 1,000 euros, located at 17 Boulevard de Valmy, 42300 ROANNE, registered in the ROANNE Trade and Companies Register under number 912 993 532 (hereinafter referred to as “the Provider”), in the context of the use of the Provider’s website at the address: …………………..

The designated data controller is the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” which is represented by its President, the company “GEOFFREY MAISONHAUTE FINANCES”, itself represented by its manager, Mr Geoffrey MAISONHAUTE


The company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” only uses Users’ personal data in the cases provided for by current regulations, namely:

– The performance of a contract concluded with the User, and/or

– Compliance with a legal obligation, and/or

– The User’s consent to the use of his/her data, and/or

– The existence of a legitimate interest in using the User’s data. Legitimate interest is a set of commercial or business reasons that justify the use of data by the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE”.

2- Rights granted to Users :

  • The following rights are granted to Users:

    • Right of access: the right to be informed and to request access to personal data processed;
    • Right of rectification: the right to request that Users’ personal data be amended or updated if it is inaccurate or incomplete;
    • Right to be forgotten: the right to request the permanent deletion of Users’ personal data;
    • Right to restrict: the right to request to temporarily or permanently stop the processing of all or part of the Users’ personal data;
    • Right of refusal: the right to refuse at any time the processing of the User’s personal data for his/her own reasons; the right to refuse the processing of the User’s personal data for direct marketing purposes;
    • Right to data portability: the right to request a copy of the User’s personal data in electronic format and the right to transmit such personal data for use by a third party service;
    • Right not to be subject to automated decision making: the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated decision making, including profiling, where the decision would have a legal effect on the User or a similar significant effect.

    The User may exercise these rights at any time by making a request to the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE”, which can be reached at

    • By post to the address : 17 Boulevard de Valmy, 42300 ROANNE ;
    • By email to: ;
    • By phone at : 04 77 71 25 59

    In the event of an unsatisfactory response, the User is informed that he/she may file a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).

3- Procedure for collecting personal data :

  • The User’s personal data is collected through the following procedures:

    • Data transmitted directly by the User :

    When requesting contact on the website and/or when placing an order, the User is required to complete fields including a surname, first name, telephone number and a valid email address.

    • Data collected during the commercial relationship :

    Data collected during the commercial relationship with the User.

    • Data collected automatically :

    This concerns data collected via cookies, via standard Internet technologies.

    The data collected is necessary for the use of the services provided by the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE”.

    The User is reminded that he/she may change his/her mind at any time and withdraw his/her consent to the said data collection.

4- Category of personal data collected:

When connecting to the website :

This is the personal data provided by the User or collected in order to enable the User to register and use the services. They include: a surname, a first name, a telephone number and a valid email address.
When using the services :

This is the personal data of the User that is collected when using the services, it may include:

– Interactions with the services offered by “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE”, such as identification, comments made by the User;

– Interactions with customer service ;

– Technical data such as URLs, IP addresses ;

– The User’s name and first name

– Their date of birth ;

– Their nationality ;

– Their email address

– Their phone number ;

– Their bank details.

As well as information about the User’s companions:

– Name ;

– First name ;

– Date of birth ;

– Specific needs (e.g. disabled room, etc.);

The site uses cookie technology to improve navigation and the experience of Users. These cookies will not be collected when you visit this site. At any time, visitors can choose to accept or decline the use of cookies and change their preferences.

The cookie has a validity period which varies according to the type of cookie and allows the visitor to be recognised the next time he or she uses the website. In any case, this period shall not exceed 13 months.

isitors can choose to accept or decline cookies while browsing the site. To this end, the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” displays a banner on its website inviting the visitor to accept cookies.

AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” does not collect any sensitive data concerning the User. The following are considered sensitive data: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, data concerning health or sexual orientation.

5- Use of the User's personal data :

  • When using the services on the website, “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” processes the User’s personal data through the use of various technologies, according to the following description, legal basis and categories of personal data:

    Reason for processing the User’s personal data

    Legal basis of the processing carried out

    Categories of personal data used for the purpose of processing

    Provision of services, website, improvement and customisation of the user experience

    – Performance of the contract,

    – Legitimate interests,

    – Consent.

    – User registration data,

    – User service usage data.

    To understand how the User accesses and uses the services and website, in order to ensure the technical functionality of the services, develop new products and services.

    – Performance of the contract,

    – Legitimate interests.

    – User registration data,

    – User service usage data.

    Communications between the User and the customer service.

    – Performance of the contract,

    – Legitimate interests.

    – User registration data.

    – User service usage data.

    Provision of features, information, advertising or any content to the User.

    – Consent.

    – User service usage data.

6- Sharing of personal data:

Publicly available information:


Persons who may have access to your data :

The employees of the “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” company, members of the administrative, accounting and management control, IT, community management, marketing, and commercial services.

Subcontractors and external organisations that provide services on behalf of “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE”, such as personalising the site’s content, carrying out maintenance operations and technical developments, providing analytical solutions or audience measurement statistics.

Their access to your data is based on signed contracts that include their obligations to protect the security and confidentiality of the data.

The police, judicial or administrative authorities may also have access to your data when “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” is legally obliged to do so or in order to guarantee the rights, property and security of its structure.

It is specified that the hosting of the website and the personal data is carried out at :

Name of the host


Information that AG HÔTEL GRENETTE may share:

– The User’s name and first name

– Their date of birth ;

– Their nationality ;

– Their email address

– Their phone number

– The IP address

– Cookies

7- Data retention and deletion :

The personal data collected from the User is kept for a period of time in accordance with legal provisions and proportionate to the purposes for which it was recorded.

It is retained for as long as necessary to provide the services and for legitimate and essential business purposes, such as maintaining efficient services, making data-driven decisions about new features, complying with legal obligations.

The retention periods vary depending on whether “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” has an ongoing contractual relationship with the User (active customer), or whether “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” has had a contractual relationship with the User in the past (inactive customer) or whether there has never been such a relationship (prospect).

The table below shows the main data retention periods.

In any case, the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” regularly reviews the information held on its Users.

Data categories


Data retention periods

Data related to a prospect

Data set

Creation and management of a file of prospects

3 years from the date of collection of the data or the last contact from the prospect

Data related to an active customer

Data set

Customer account management

During the entire contractual relationship

Data related to an inactive customer

Identification and contact data

Sending information on the evolution of offers

3 years maximum from the date of de-registration or last contact from the customer

At the User’s request, “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” will delete or render anonymous the personal data so that the User can no longer be identified, unless otherwise provided for by law, in particular under the following conditions :

– If there is an ongoing difficulty with the User regarding their account, including an unresolved dispute. The data is kept for the time it takes to resolve the dispute.

– The company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” is obliged to keep personal data due to legal, fiscal and accounting obligations. The data is kept for the legally required period.

– If the data is required for the purpose of maintaining the safety of Users.

8- Transfer to other countries :


9- Security of personal data:

  • “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE”, as the data controller, implements appropriate technical and organizational measures in accordance with applicable legal provisions to protect Users’ personal data against alteration, accidental or unlawful loss, use, disclosure, or unauthorized access, including:

    – Raising awareness of privacy requirements among employees who access
    personal data.
    – Securing access to premises and IT platforms
    – The implementation of a general IT security policy for the company;
    – Securing access, sharing and transfer of data;
    – The high level of data protection requirements when selecting subcontractors and partners.

10- Minors :

“AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” reminds Users, in accordance with applicable regulations, that it has put in place a process for processing the data of minors within the meaning of the European Regulation. Thus, where the child is under 16 years of age, the processing of his or her personal data is only lawful if consent is given by the holder of parental responsibility.

In any event, the company “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” makes its best efforts, given the technological means available, not to collect personal data from children under the age of 16 without the prior consent of the holder of parental responsibility.

11- Privacy Policy Changes:

“AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” may make any changes to this privacy policy at any time.

In such a situation, the User will be informed by means of appropriate notifications, in particular by email.

12- Consent to the collection of personal data :

By accepting the present document, the User authorises “AG HÔTEL GRENETTE” to process his/her personal data necessary for the processing of his/her file, under the conditions and according to the terms agreed upon herein.